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The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst reformulates gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and propane causing the reformulated fuels to produce more energy during combustion than these fuels otherwise would. It is a true catalyst which by definition causes one or more chemical reactions but does not participate in them. Because it doesn’t participate in the reaction, unlike additives, it is not consumed in the reaction and thus lasts for years after initial installation. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst also has no moving parts and is thus maintenance free.

Because the Fitch Fuel Catalyst causes more complete combustion it also reduces pollution and toxic emissions in the form of greenhouse gases, poly aromatic hydrocarbons, particulates and soot.



• Improves Fuel Economy
• Improves Horsepower & Torque
• Boosts Octane
• Improves Cetane in diesel
• Improves lubricity in diesel
• Extends oil life


• Improves Fuel Economy
• Reduces Engine Maintenance
• Reduces Emissions/Soot
• Reduces Greenhouse CO2
• Will Not Void Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Extends Engine Life


• Improves Fuel Economy
• Improves Horsepower & Torque
• Boosts Octane – Permanently
• Permanently stabilizes fuel during storage
• Eliminates plug fouling
• Quicker throttle response


• Extends operating time
• Permanent Stabilizer
• Easier “cold” starting
• Reduces harmful emissions
• Eliminates plug fouling
• Eliminates the use for additives


• Reduces fuel consumption
• Reduces visible smoke
• Improves “light-off” time
• Reduces Annual Maintenance
• Reduces Emissions of NOx, CO, & CO2
• Improves Combustion


• Increases operating hours
• Improves horsepower
• Reduces emissions
• Keeps transom clean
• Reduces bacteria growth
• Improves fuel quality

Reasons enough to use FITCH

There’s nothing quite like opening the door and breathing fresh, clean, air—but how clean is the air you’re breathing right now? Unless you’re a scientist with a chemistry lab at your fingertips, there’s no real way of knowing. The gases you’re sucking up through your nose could be slowly killing you: according to the World Health Organization, around two million people die prematurely from the effects of polluted air every single year. Air pollution is a huge problem—and not just for people living in smog-choked cities: through such things as global warming and damage to the ozone layer, it has the potential to affect us all. So what exactly causes this major environmental issue and what can we do about it?

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